Sunday Rotas, week ending 1st March,

Intercessions to be read by one of the readers.

11.00 Music:

Choir; n/w Folk Group


8.30 J Brown; 11.00 1st V Quinn, 2nd G Hunter; n/w 8.30 B Jamieson; 11.00 Children’s Mass

Special Ministers:

8.30 C McEachern, J Hurford; 11.00 P Houser, E Murphy; n/w 8.30 C Healing, V Clapham; 11.00 K Gill, L Emm

Altar Servers

8.30 C Trayler, 11.00 Team B; n/w 8.30 S & N Novak; 11.00 Team A

Bulletin Insert:

M Wallis; 15th March C Rochford

HMP Eastwood Park

A McAllister, F Cartwright; n/w K Gill


P Morrissey, P McGillan; n/w G Hunter, R Hetherton

Church Cleaners:

w/b 24th Feb & 2nd March: M Scott, C Kearney


March: Lent: No Flowers

Brass Cleaners:

8th March: V & M Costello

Grass Cutting:

None until Spring

Friday Coffee:

6th March: A Clarke; 20th March: P & P Davey

Sunday Coffee:

M Schafer; n/w M Gilroy, M Cullimore

Little Church:

S Kilmartin; n/w E Glynn: Children’s Mass

Lucky Numbers:

Sunday 23rd Feb. Prize £48 No Winner (18 - 19)

Sunday 1st March Prize £64