As we wait for the Second Coming of Christ, let us make our prayers to God our Father, trusting that he will hear and answer our petitions.

Let us pray for the Church and all her members as we prepare for the Lord’s Second Coming: may we show forth to the world our unity with Christ our Lord and by our lives of prayer and action, witness to the power of the Risen Christ. Lord hear us.

We pray for Christian leaders in our society: may they, like Saint Stephen, be filled with the power of God’s Holy Spirit. May the public service they perform be a witness to all of their total commitment to the person of Jesus Christ. Lord hear us.

For those whose faith is misunderstood by the members of their own family: may they continue in patient endurance to be loving towards those nearest and dearest to them, even though that may mean having to contend with hostile criticism of their Christian belief. Lord hear us.

Let us pray for unity in our community: may we realise, through our union with the Risen Lord, that what divides us on purely human terms is of little consequence when compared to our common faith and hope. Lord hear us.

We pray with Mary who was filled with the Holy Spirit, as we say: Hail Mary…etc.

We make our own personal prayers is silence for a moment or two to God, who knows and understands what is in our hearts.

God our Father, by our union with you, may your kingdom come through Christ our Lord. Amen.

 Seventh Sunday in Easter Time – Year C