It is the wish of God our Father that all humankind should be saved. To prepare ourselves properly during this holy season of Advent, let us now turn in prayer to him for the needs of our Church and world.

Let us pray for the Church as she prepares to celebrate the birth of her Lord: may she rejoice at the Lord’s nearness so that, filled with joy, she may prepare the world for the saving power of the Gospel: (pause) Lord hear us.

We pray for the leaders of our society: may they never rely solely on their own strengths. May they begin to understand more fully the power and wonder of Christ’s saving message which alone brings joy to the world: (pause) Lord hear us.

For those who are sad or oppressed: may they rediscover the joy of the Gospel so that the clouds of darkness may be dispelled. May the brightness of Christ fill their hearts and lives anew: (pause) Lord hear us.

Let us pray for our own community: may we, guided by the light of the Gospel, encourage one another to live lives full of joy:  (pause)  Lord hear us.

May we be one with Mary as we make our prayer with her: Hail Mary … etc.

We pray in silence for our own personal intentions.

God our Father, we are filled with wonder and joy at the revelation of your love for us. May we live our lives in Christian joy as we wait for his Second coming. We make our prayer through the same Christ our Lord. Amen.

Second Sunday in Advent – Year C