God our Father has called us together to live in the community of the Christian Church. As we bring to mind his many blessings on us, let us ask for all the graces we need to live together as true Christians.

Let us pray for our Bishop, and bishops throughout the world: may they be guided by the Holy Spirit and rejoice to preach the Gospel. Lord hear us.

We pray for the leaders of nations: may they appreciate that all men and women are brothers and sisters in the one human family. May they never draw boundaries or erect barriers to divide people by reason of race, colour, creed or social position. Lord hear us.

We pray for God’s blessing on the harvest and the fruits of all our work: may we always be grateful for the gifts God give us. Lord hear us.

We remember parents, teachers and those in charge of children: may they always lead by love and correct with patience and forbearance. Let them never forget that they too were once young and made mistakes. Lord hear us.

We make our prayers with Mary, Mother of the Redeemer, as we say: Hail Mary … etc.

We pray in silence for our own needs.

God our Father, hear our prayer. Look with compassion on the needs of all your children. Grant us the grace to value each person as you value them. We make this prayer through Christ our Lord. Amen.


Twenty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time – Year B