God our Father has appointed Christ as the Shepherd of his people.

Let us pray to the Lord for the graces for our world by which all may look to Christ as their leader.        

Let us pray for all who are called to teach in Christ’s name: May they be faithful to their task and rejoice in the peace he brings: (pause) Lord hear us.

We pray for those who administer the law in our land: may they seek the good of all and justice for those who are oppressed: (pause) Lord hear us.

For those who serve the community looking after the many needs of our society: may we appreciate all that they do, recognising that they too, themselves, have needs: (pause) Lord hear us.

Let us pray for ourselves assembled here at this Eucharist: may the Word of God enter our hearts once more that we may grow into the fullness of Christ:(pause) Lord hear us.

We pray with Mary, Mother of the Good Shepherd: Hail Mary … etc.

We pray in silence for our own intentions.

God our Father, you gave us your Son as our Shepherd and we trust that you hear and will answer the prayers we have made to you. We make them through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time – Year B