The Local Roman Catholic Parish
welcomes you to the Port of Sharpness


Christ the King Church
11 Castle Street, Thornbury
Tel: 01454 412223


The Ship Visitors will be pleased to help you with news, information, transport, telephone cards, and transport to mass and local shops, etc. Ships are usually visited at the beginning and end of each week i.e. Monday or Tuesday and Thursday or Friday according to availability.


Christ the King Church, Thornbury (15km): Saturday Vigil: 18.00
 Sunday: 09.00 10.30


If you will be in port and wish to attend mass please ring
Pat Morrissey +44(0) 1454 418004 (home); +44(0) 7896 768844 (mobile)
Joe McHugh +44(0) 1454 419648 (home); +44 (0) 7768 730493 (mobile)
and we will try to arrange a car to collect you.