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G7 leaders missed the opportunity to plan for a green recovery from the pandemic which leaves no one behind, according to CAFOD Director Christine Allen.

The heads of the government at the summit, which took place in Cornwall between 11-13 June, “wasted a precious face-to-face meeting to encourage each other and deliver urgent and desperately need action on COVID and the climate crisis”, Allen said.

G7 leaders announced the group of rich countries would provide one billion vaccines to developing countries over the next year – although the World Health Organisation has said 11 billion jabs will be required to bring the Covid-19 pandemic under control.

The heads of government also reiterated a previous pledge to provide $100bn in ‘climate finance’ – money to assist developing hit hardest by the impacts of global heating – rather than setting out how this goal would be achieved.

Christine Allen said:

“It is clear that the G7 leaders have not adequately heard the voices of the world’s poor in relation to vaccines and climate finance.

“Will the actions of these G7 nations create necessary trust around the world as we move towards the next major summit in the UK – COP26? I’d say that’s unlikely.”

“If Boris Johnson believes that ‘global Britain’ is a force for good, then he needs to show by his actions the moral imperative to take urgent action for a fairer, greener and just world.”