Jean and I are the CAFOD focal points for Christ The King. We try to promote CAFOD’s role within the parish, and an important part of this is providing information that may be useful or helpful to any who wish to find out about CAFOD’s work. We will use this spot on the parish web-site to say a bit more about events or campaigns, or meetings that we have attended, and try to give a picture that’s fuller than can be put in the bulletin or pinned to the noticeboard. We hope you find it interesting and, maybe, useful. We’ll update it weekly or fortnightly and would welcome any thoughts or questions you may have in response – our number is 419439. Mark Wallis


The coronavirus crisis has exposed many of the inadequacies of how our world currently works, with inequalities exacerbated and countries competing with each other rather than co-operating.

This summer, CAFOD is inviting us to organise an on-line meeting with our MP, in order to discuss with them how we can re-build from the pandemic in a way that makes the world a fairer place and tackles the major global issues we face.

Pope Francis has called on us to respond to the pandemic by taking better care of each other and, as Catholics, we are called not to stay silent and not to be passive. We are called to participate both individually and collectively in re-building a more dignified and sustainable world.

The chance to put across our concerns about building a fairer world is particularly important at the moment, with the G7 summit coming up in June and the big climate conference, COP26, in Glasgow in November. The UK will be host for both these events, so will be well-placed to influence the agenda and the commitments that are made.

The pandemic has proved that we need greater cooperation between nations, solidarity between people and a greater focus on the poorest in society. Let’s make sure our MP understands that this is what we want to see. If you are interested in taking part, please speak to Mark on 419439.