Jean and I are the CAFOD focal points for Christ The King. We try to promote CAFOD’s role within the parish, and an important part of this is providing information that may be useful or helpful to any who wish to find out about CAFOD’s work. We will use this spot on the parish web-site to say a bit more about events or campaigns, or meetings that we have attended, and try to give a picture that’s fuller than can be put in the bulletin or pinned to the noticeboard. We hope you find it interesting and, maybe, useful. We’ll update it weekly or fortnightly and would welcome any thoughts or questions you may have in response – our number is 419439. Mark Wallis

War, persecution, natural disaster and poverty force millions of people from their homes. Pope Francis has said that: “Every stranger who knocks at our door is an opportunity for an encounter with Jesus Christ, who identifies with the welcomed and rejected strangers of every age”.

At the start of his papacy, Pope Francis visited the island of Lampedusa where thousands of migrants have drowned at sea. Ever since, the Holy Father has shown the Church’s concern for this crisis. In 2017, he released a message to nation states, urging them to “welcome, protect, promote and integrate” migrants and refugees. CAFOD’s campaign, shared internationally with Caritas, was actually launched by Pope Francis, and is called ‘Share The Journey’. The aim is to walk 24,900 miles - the distance around the world. Every mile we walk in support will be clocked up towards this total and will show solidarity with our global neighbours fleeing their homes. We can organise a walk any time between now and the end of the summer, though Refugee Week (16-24 June) would be a good focus. If you wish to help or have any ideas as to how this could best be done, to involve the most people, please get in touch.

 In the meantime, we can also show support for people forced to flee their homes by signing the petition on the CAFOD web-site that will go the Prime Minister, urging that Britain acts to ensure that the human dignity of migrants and refugees is at the heart of the global compacts. These are agreements planned for September 2018, at the United Nations: one on refugees and one on migration: the Pope is calling for governments to protect the human dignity of people on the move.

To find the petition and more on the ‘Share The Journey’ campaign, follow the links on the CAFOD web-site.