Jean and I are the CAFOD focal points for Christ The King. We try to promote CAFOD’s role within the parish, and an important part of this is providing information that may be useful or helpful to any who wish to find out about CAFOD’s work. We will use this spot on the parish web-site to say a bit more about events or campaigns, or meetings that we have attended, and try to give a picture that’s fuller than can be put in the bulletin or pinned to the noticeboard. We hope you find it interesting and, maybe, useful. We’ll update it weekly or fortnightly and would welcome any thoughts or questions you may have in response – our number is 419439. Mark Wallis

Fairtrade Fortnight offers us a chance every year in late February/early March to learn a bit more about some of our favourite everyday products – drinks such as teas and coffee, snacks such as chocolate and biscuits and fruits such as bananas, dates and apricots. If you’re already a buyer of fairtrade products, you’ll know that when you buy them, as well as getting high quality, you’re supporting farmers in developing countries who meet the fairtrade certification standards, helping them and their communities.

There are two opportunities to support Fairtrade this year. The first is a tea party on 24th February at the United Reformed Church: come along for a cup of tea and a piece of cake or just a chat, any time between 2 and 4pm.

The second is a visit from a Palestinian farmer from the Zaytoun non-profit organisation, who will describe her work and give us a demonstration of how to make maftoul, a favourite Palestinian dish. If you have already tasted any Zaytoun products, such as their dates or olive oil, you’ll know that we are in for a treat! This will take place at Thornbury Baptist Church on Tuesday 6th March, from 7:30 to 9pm, and will also feature support from the Thornbury Gospel Choir, so a lively evening of food and music is in store!  All welcome, entry is free, with donations accepted for the light refreshments.

Schools visits are also taking place during the fortnight, with a coffee farmer from Nicaragua visiting Crossways Junior and Castle School, and the Zaytoun Palestinian farmer coming to Crossways Junior, Crossways Infants and Castle School.

We hope you’ll take an opportunity this Fairtrade Fortnight to find out more about how we can support the farmers and producers who grow some of our favourite foods. To learn more about Fairtrade generally and Fairtrade Fortnight in particular, visit the Fairtrade Foundation web-site at