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Jean and I are the CAFOD focal points for Christ The King. We try to promote CAFOD’s role within the parish, and an important part of this is providing information that may be useful or helpful to any who wish to find out about CAFOD’s work. We will use this spot on the parish web-site to say a bit more about events or campaigns, or meetings that we have attended, and try to give a picture that’s fuller than can be put in the bulletin or pinned to the noticeboard. We hope you find it interesting and, maybe, useful. We’ll update it weekly or fortnightly and would welcome any thoughts or questions you may have in response – our number is 419439. Mark Wallis

Thank you to all the parishioners at Christ The King and Holy Cross for their support during Lent. In addition to the main Lenten appeal, CAFOD launched an emergency appeal for South Sudan, which then was widened to include Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia, in view of the extended drought that is producing famine conditions in those countries. We devoted our card and cake sale to this end, and raised £186, and will hold a special collection on Sunday 23rd April. So far, CAFOD supporters across the country have raised over £2 million, which is tribute to their continued generosity, particularly in view of the appeal being launched so soon after Fast Day. In view of the timing, CAFOD took this step reluctantly, but felt there was a clear need for urgent action.  

Our parishioners responded generously once again to the Fast Day appeal, with a total of £1,086 raised. We will add to that shortly when all the pyramid collection boxes have been returned – thank you to those who have already done so.

Given the urgent need, the focus has understandably been on our financial response, but I would also like to mention the refugee solidarity ‘pilgrimage’ we held with our diocesan rep, Liz Baldwin, supported by Borderlands, which gave us plenty to think about and a reminder that, although the crisis may have slipped from the headlines, the situation remains as serious as ever across the Mediterranean.

If you want to see more of what CAFOD is able to do with the money being raised by the emergency appeal, do have a look at the web-site at www.cafod.org.uk.












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