Reflections from Eastwood Park

The readings this week see a fair few complaints and accusations flying around. “It’s not my fault” cry both Adam and Eve, ultimately laying the blame on the serpent, conveniently ignoring their own guilt in the matter. Very human behaviour. And one that can be seen amongst the inmates of Eastwood Park in the serious matter of crime and guilt just as well as in ourselves and perhaps lesser situations at home.

It will often take time to accept responsibility – and that is in part what the prison sentence is for. Isolated from family and friends, surrounded by crowds who are sometimes supportive, sometimes hostile, who can they turn to in honesty for reliable understanding and support?

Just as Jesus faced misunderstanding and rejection amongst the religious leaders of His time and even amongst those closest to Him, our prisoners, like He and we, can have the confidence to turn to God and the new ‘family’ that Jesus established of believers in faith. Pointing us towards God, Jesus provides us all with the blessing of a family, the path to true acceptance and strength in our weakness.


Nicola McCarthy
Chaplain at Eastwood Park


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