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You may have heard of Humanism, but have you heard of Transhumanism? Transhumanists believe that the time is fast approaching when we will be able to download our personalities and memories onto a quantum computer at the end of our natural lives, thus affording ourselves a digital immortality. Presumably we would exist on a digital cloud somewhere, and be able to contact others on the cloud. But it seems a pretty soulless sort of existence that is proposed: an eternity of social media communication isn’t my idea of heaven.

The reality is that at the end of our natural lives we will be held to account for our actions, and where our souls are downloaded to will depend on how we have responded to love in our lives.  Have we forgiven those who trespassed against us? Have we forgiven our debtors and released any bitterness that could chain us to our former existence? Eternal life is offered to all free of charge, regardless of their bank balance or bitcoin valuation. The rich have always planned ingenious ways to take their wealth with them, but the reality is, there are no safes in coffins, or on digital clouds. The only safe way to store treasure in heaven is to give ourselves away during this life. Then we are promised abundant life. Not the quantum mechanical life of the bitcoin billionaires. There will not be a quantum of solace for them!

Deacon Kingsley Fulbrook












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