If you don’t eat, you will starve and die.  If you do, make sure you eat the right stuff.  Simples. 

We are jolly lucky to be given the chance of Mass and holy communion on our doorstep more than once a week. Yet not everyone seizes the opportunity absolutely every time and not many do so during the week as well. 

Today’s gospel spells it out for us: “I am the living bread and he who eats lives in me and I in him.”  Who in their right mind could give up on such a promise?  Clearly, many of us do not live in our right mind, not all the time.  Moreover this “real food and real drink” will sustain not only our material and physical life but also our spiritual wellbeing. 

Some clubs chuck you out if you fail to join in often enough.  Our club, the church of God, always offers a welcome and when we come gives each one of us some glimpse of spiritual rejuvenation that renews our life again.  

Roll up, roll up and keep the embers of our fire glowing… And for God’s sake sing lustily, or better still join our choir of angels!

J Rhodes

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