CAFOD Family Fast Day is this Friday, 6th March. This year is actually the 60th anniversary of the first Lent Family Fast Day appeal.

This Lent, we hear about CAFOD’s work with local partners in Zimbabwe. We heard earlier this year about the drought affecting Zambia and that country: thank you for your support to that emergency appeal. CAFOD is highlighting for this Lenten appeal their work there to provide longer-term support, which is still desperately needed.  Food prices are rising and over half the population faces hunger. One in four children are malnourished. And the maternal mortality rate has risen sharply over the last 25 years. Two in five people must travel more than 5km to their nearest medical center. It is from one of these centers that we hear the story of Sister Consilia, whose picture you’ll see on the Fast Day poster and envelopes. She is a pharmacist at a clinic.

Sister Consilia is just one of the local experts we help through our donations to CAFOD.  She studied hard to become a pharmacist after herself being treated for malaria when she was sixteen. She understands the needs of the communities she works with.

All over the world, even in the most remote and challenging environments, our support means that CAFOD is able to achieve life-changing results, through the knowledge and commitment of the highly-skilled local experts they work with.

There are many more health workers needed in remote communities throughout the world. But CAFOD need our help to support the training of these workers, so that more people can be reached.

Our contributions this Lent could start to help to train more lifesavers like Sister Consilia in other hard-to-reach places around the world.  As the new strap line beneath CAFOD’s logo reminds us, no one should be beyond reach.  

M Wallis



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