The Love Prayer

(An extract from a book compiled by Patricia A. Kossmann about Bishop Fulton J Sheen’s radio talks etc.)

“Some object that there is much repetition in the Rosary because the Lord’s Prayer and the Hail Mary are said so often; therefore, it is monotonous. That reminds me of a woman who came to see me one evening after instruction. She said, “I would never become a Catholic. You say the same words in the Rosary over and over again and anyone who repeats the same words is never sincere. I would never believe anyone who repeated his words, and neither would God.” I asked her who the man with her was. She said he was her fiancé. I asked, “Does he love you?” “Certainly, he does.” “But how do you know?” “He told me.” “What did he say?” “He said I love you.” When did he tell you last?“ “About an hour ago.” “Did he tell you before?” “Yes, last night.” “What did he say? “I love you.” “But never before?” “He tells me every night.” Then I told her, “Do not believe him. He is repeating; he is not sincere.”

The beautiful truth is that there is no repetition in “I love you.” The words are spoken in a new moment of time, another point in space, the words do not mean the same as they did at another time or in another space.”

Whilst praying the Rosary we ponder the 20 principal events in the history of our salvation. These 20 Mysteries are based on the important incidents in the life of Our Lord and His Mother that we celebrate in the Liturgy.

C Rochford



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