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Thoughts on the Feast Day of
Christ the King

Many gifts have been given us which we often take for granted. Being mindful of how we think as individuals is one of them, for who else thinks the same as another or has the same personality.

Celebrating the Holy Feast of Christ the King I was surprised to find it’s a relatively new Holy Day. In 1969 Pope Paul altered the Feast Day to the Sunday before the beginning of Advent, the start of the Liturgical New Year in the Church. It appears to me to have been a wise decision; why don’t we make new resolutions at this special time as well as the New Year in January? Having had past experience of my January resolutions that are often broken, maybe this wouldn’t happen if I set myself a special goal. An extra prayer to be said, perhaps, a little uplifting mediation or even an opportunity to enable one to become a Christian in action. We can offer up thanks for who we are and what we have. Thoughts flow of Mother Teresa who said, ‘Offer something beautiful up for God each day.’

I’d probably need a little reminder of my resolution which could take the form of a look at the garden, seeing the turning berries from dark green to bright red, perhaps a sparrow winging his way to a patch of blue sky or dozing in the armchair after lunch, thankful of knowing there’s a roof over my head. How beautiful are all these wonderful things created by God as they help us to become thankful for all our blessings and bring us back to the love of our faith, Church and the Holy Feast of Christ the King.

It’s also such a special time of the year, when the days are shorter, weather becomes colder and we sit cosily around the fire looking forward to a joyful Christmas, a time to celebrate all those years ago in Bethlehem when Baby Jesus was born to Mary in a stable, warmed by only the breath of animals.

May everyone have a Blessed Christ the King Feast Day and a Happy Liturgical New Year.

M Plenderleith







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