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Corpus Christi

The body of Christ Himself - wow, how could you possibly resist spending the time, effort and cost of coming to receive it.  Yet we all do, every day we are not at Mass.  Such a thought brings me grief, humility and whatever I feel when I’ve succeeded in shooting myself in the foot. Yet everyone today is poor, whether in money, resources or time. For some, it is time that over-rules everything, making it seem unreasonable to take this to its logical conclusions.  Perhaps we are all becoming too ambitious to ‘do it all’ and fulfill ourselves by exploiting all those opportunities that nowadays are offered, many even free.

Perhaps Jesus doesn’t really expect us to take Him into our own body so often and would rather we took him more utterly into our mind, all the time, everywhere and about everything. We have already made a strategic resolve as members of His church and so do our best to follow the ethos, spirit and guidance of His ‘corporation’.  Everybody has its members and each of one’s own members has a vital role in making up the whole. Ask anyone who is crippled. 

With this in mind, the best we can do is to accept our failings and see to it that other parts of ourselves more than make up for actions where we fall short. The gift of communion renews each time we receive it the realisation that we are also in communion with more than a billion fellows around the world, yet even seven billion are a nano-fraction of the God who is giving of Himself to us. Far more than a logical obligation, Holy Communionn itself helps us in all our competing struggles.  It’s a no-brainer. 

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