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Many years ago, when I was a fresh-faced fourteen-year old, I regularly baby sat for a family of four children.  When I first started babysitting for them, the children’s ages ranged from 9 months to six-years old.  For what seemed an eternity, their favourite film was Mary Poppins and we watched it almost every week – in fact, I was able to recite most of it as the weeks and months progressed!  As I reflected on this week’s Gospel, my mind was drawn back to the description of Mary Poppins as being ‘practically perfect in every way’. 

When Jesus instructed his disciples to:  ‘Be perfect, just as your Father in heaven is perfect’ this can seem an impossible task for us today.  Should we be going around in the style of Mary Poppins, cheerfully smiling at everyone and seeing the best in all we meet?  Pope Francis helped explain this further when he said: ‘Being perfect means being merciful’. 

In our daily prayers, we often lift up the special intentions on our hearts. We pray for our families, we pray for our friends, for those closest to us. We pray for ourselves. However, in our desire to be perfect, our faith is calling us to something much deeper than this. The world we live in encourages the idea that we should love our friends and family. It’s safe and comfortable to support those who support us. Society doesn’t ask us to be considerate of the needs of someone who doesn’t take our needs into account. And as a result, when we show love to those who are hardest to love, people are often surprised by our actions.

I think that today’s Gospel is encouraging us to avoid making, in the words of Mary Poppins, a ‘piecrust promise. Easily made, easily broken.’  Instead, let’s commit to changing the way we pray. Instead of praying for peace when we are hurt, or patience when someone tests our will, instead of offering up the needs of those we love, let’s focus on the needs of those who have hurt us. Let’s focus on the needs of those who persecute us. And in doing so, when we find our peace, we’ll be reminded of the depth of the Lord’s love. We’ll be a witness, not just to others, but to ourselves, of the power that a personal relationship with Christ truly brings.

Prepped for Perfection

I am being prepped,
for perfection
my heart is showing
Jesus’ reflection.

The more about Him,
I get to know
the more of His grace
I’m able to show.

I’m getting closer,
to His image being
the more of His love
in me I am seeing.

The more I study,
how Jesus lived
the more I’m able
others to forgive.

God’s prepping me,
for perfection . . .
ever since on my heart
Jesus left His impression!

Poem by Deborah Ann Belka

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