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If Only I Could Really Become A Person Of Now!

The only real moment of time is now. Yesterday vanished at midnight and won’t return. Tomorrow is very unstable currency. If I could really become a person of now, I’d begin to fully live the life God has entrusted to me.

Today’s the day for doing all those things I’m always going to do some other time! I could come to the end of my life, and discover I almost did something worthwhile, but never actually got round to doing it!

Imagine what would have happened, at the lakeside when Jesus picked his first four apostles, if the two pairs of brothers had said, ‘Sorry, Rabbi, could we just think about your invitation a bit, maybe discuss it a little with our Dad?’ Given the individuals they are, their only possible response to his “Follow Me!” is to accept! This is the start of their tremendous journey with him: their minds are full of ‘Where are we going?’ Jesus simply says, ‘Come and See!’ Their/Our life journey that starts with ‘Come and See’ ends with ‘Go and Tell’!

The religion my generation grew up with stressed doing everything possible to make sure you got to heaven after death. Life was an opportunity to collect Brownie points in the hope of earning enough for the entry ticket on the day of reckoning. I don’t accept that today. I honestly believe that way of thinking is a pathetic ego trip, where I’m the centre of my world, and EGO stands for Edging God Out.

Christ didn’t come to earth to change God’s mind about Man, but to change Man’s mind about God.

In the scriptures Jesus never says, worship me, he only says, ‘Take up your cross each day and follow me’. Any good deed that I can do, any good word that I can say, let me do it now, let me say it now, because life, including Eternal Life, is God’s unconditional gift, given to be used in the service of others, and I will never pass this way again.

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